Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blah blah blog...

My, my...I've really been ignoring this blog thing for, well, pretty soon after I started it. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging. I really do. I love reading other blogs, too. I guess it's that I have such a hard time putting my life out here for other people to see. The semester is almost over, and I'm so very much looking forward to having some time to only do (insofar as my budget and work schedule will allow) exactly what I want to do!

But what have I been up to? Other than feeling real down about myself for reasons I'd like to label inexplicable, I suppose I've been on a mini-roller-coaster of school, work, boredom, exhaustion, and apathy. Not to worry, I've pulled myself out of it just in time for this update. One or two notable changes since January are:

1. After nearly three years of working at the same Starbucks in the same neighborhood with the same customers, I now work at the Starbucks just down the street from my house! I'm really missing so many of my friends I left behind. Everyone at my new store is really great and I love them all already. (I miss you Katie!)

2. Stephanie turned 23! I declared that I would spend the remainder of my 22nd year of life cherishing every moment of being in my early 20s, but I really am liking the adults that I see my friends and I all becoming.

3. I attending my very first bachelorette party! With Gaga inspired games, obviously!

4. Emily got married!!!!!!!!! It was so beautiful, I could cry just looking back at it. Yes, Emily get married, but it was more than that. To me, at least, it was such a bonding moment. Helping each other get ready, zipping up Emily's wedding dress, looking for my mom's face while I walked down the aisle, and standing between one of my best friend's two though I didn't have an obsession with weddings before - but I'll have to get into that later.

5. This was just the icing on the wedding cake - or, the strawberry on the wedding tarts, rather. To the left, that's Stephanie's mother, and that's my mother to the right. Don't they look so pretty? Of course those two leos hit it off! With how well their daughters get along, we knew they would.

Now, I have been up to some projects, too. I promise to share about those later this week.

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s. fajardo said...

OMG i love this. haha!!