Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year!

2010 has really been off to a good start! Jared and I had some delish Taco Bell for NYE dinner, then we went off to the New Year's Red Road Powwow at the Convention Center downtown. That's us just after midnight. :)

This is the frame I picked up from a thrift store, and I painted it an off-white color. All we have to do is get a mat for the print - for now it's framed and hanging out in the living room.

I also made a laptop case for myself! I made one for Stephanie for Christmas, am going to make another for Emily (I'm not sure how big her laptop is, so that's on hold for now) and I couldn't wait any longer to make mine. I used iron-on adhesive this time to stiffen the bag and help hold the shape, and it turned out nearly perfect.

This photo's at a weird angle, and you can't see the colors on the flap very well - baby blue & khaki -but you get the gist. I'd sewn on the flap before sewing the front and back sides together, and I apparently made it very off-center. I'd like to think it adds that, er, homemade touch. Sure, sounds good. I love pockets, so here's a shot of this cute one.

Okay, last two shots:

I woke up early this morning (Jared was running a big late for work and I woke up in the fury that ensued,) so I decided I could use some nice wintry gloves. Goodbye over-sized ugly sweater, hello warm paws...

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