Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hooray Tuesday!

I am a student as well as part time Starbucks barista. I'm not a big girl with a grown up job and definitely not a grown up schedule! This means that I usually get my days off in the middle of the week and end up spending the day almost always alone, maybe seeing friends just for a little while here and there. So while Tuesday may as well be any other weekday for most, it's my Saturday this week!

(uo utility jacket, thrifted braided belt)

(bdg skinnies, f21 gladiator wegdes, unknown bag)

Our weather here in Fresno has been strangely cool this year, and the cloudy breezy and sometimes rainy days just keep on coming! So I was so excited that I had a chance to break out the utility jacket!

I was in a shopping mood, so I headed over to the big mall (I never go out there anymore, but I was lucky enough to remember that I had gift cards!! Woohoo!!) Here's what I picked up:

According Sephora's website, the frangrance is "sparkling, fruity floral...rich, earthy scents. Addictive top notes of sophisticated citruses...mandarin and yuzu...white floral and fresh mountain strawberries...delicate woods and musk, giving the fragrance an invigorating and velvety finish." In other words, YUM!

This adorable little eco-friendly and safe solid perfume is equally as delicious. Sephora describes the scent as "meditative...intoxicating blend that evokes the inspiring ambiance of a garden full of citrus trees, fresh herbs, and rare plants from all over the world."

I also picked up a pair of "jeggings" from Forever 21! I came across them @ calivintage and at Kelly's Chictopia! I'd heard of them before but was soooo weary. I'd seen some really horrible denim calf-length leggings without pockets or anything, but these new jeggings are serious! They're just like real jeans - gold stitching, belt loops, button & zipper, plus all five four pockets. Swoon, I'm in love!


moose said...

I love your outfit AND that unknown bag! It looks perfect for those cloudy days :)

PS: I love finding gift cards

Ashley said...

Alex! I found your blog. :)))

Alexandra Williams said...

Thank you! Finding gift cards may even be better than finding money, right?

Ashley, I'm so glad you found it! I don't know why I never told you to come over, and I'm really horrible with tweeting, about anything!