Tuesday, May 18, 2010

With finals almost over...

...I'm so very much looking forward to summer. It doesn't mean that I want the semester to end - I'm truly going to miss playing badminton twice a week, my American Indians in Contemporary Society gave me so much knowledge that is worth far more than the tuition for the class, as goes with my American Civil Rights Movement class - but with one last final to go, I realize how much I hope to immerse myself with the things that I love.

1. frozen bananas

2. great thrift store finds

3. quality time with Jared

4, 5, and 6. beach time, out of town time, and besties time

I got a road bike a few weeks ago that I love riding around the neighborhood. In fact, I just got back from Kelly's where I picked up shoes from her etsy! I'll be sure to post about those soon. Until then, I have a final to finish before it gets too late in the day.

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moose said...

I love the craftiness very much :)