Sunday, June 6, 2010

Round up! June, wk. 1

This week went by so very fast! It was a lot of fun, and I even have a couple of pictures for proof of my life.

1. For the second time in one week, I went to the beach! This time was girls only, with Stephanie and Brittney.

2. My mom and step-dad have been working on their backyard organic garden for the past couple of years now, and it's really come a long way! After refining their gardening skills and learning about methods of planting/replanting/rotating/placement, etc. they have a lot to show for it! So mom dropped by and brought a basket of goodies with her: boy choy, spinach, red spotted and green romaine, red and green leaf lettuce, yellow carrots, yellow squash, blueberries, blackberries, and red and golden raspberries! Oh, and a jar of homemade raspberry jam and a few flowers. Isn't it pretty?

3. Tower district (my neighborhood) has a really awesome set of block sales starting (I think) in April or so, and basically just kinda hits the next street every Saturday for a couple months. Over the years I have definitely gathered a little collection of items including my 35mm Mamiya camera, jewelery, clothing, scarves, books, milkshake glasses among other kitchen get the idea. It's an old neighborhood so these people have good quality items and great vintage selection. Unfortunately, yesterday was the first sale I got out to. Nonetheless, at about $10, it was a success. (Not pictured, a black suede jacket and a pastel striped 80s polo.)

4. I'm just over 1/4 Native American, mostly Crow. I may only be 1/4, but that makes a lot of my family half and my grandmother and much of my family full. Since I was a wee little one, that part of my heritage has definitely dominated my identity and I wouldn't change that one bit. I've spent the last fews years of my life on the academic side of Native America, taking classes and reading books, learning about the genocidal, imperial, colonial history of North America and Europe, and the current issues that Indigenous people face (from the mascot issue - which is a big issue - and the use of Native themes and misuse and disrespect of using things like fake headdresses, to the environmental destruction and its effects on culture)

That brings me to my current project. A jingle dress! As far back as I can remember, we've been involved in the world of powwows. I haven't danced for quite a long time, but my aunt is the head woman dancer of on of our local powwows (next week, ah!) and I decided in late-winter/early-spring that I'd make a new dress for myself! Well, school did get in the way of that and I now have to get down to business on the dress! Here are my materials and a couple of my old dresses that I'm using as patterns.

And here are a couple of links:
Jingle Dress Dance, by Manataka American Indian Council
Jingle Dress Dance Competition Video, ASU 2009 (I won't be competing for the first time! Also, all dancers dress and other items vary by tribe, region, individual style, traditional vs. contemporary, etc. For example, as a Crow woman, I don't wear a feather pointing up in the center back of my head, but rather on the side pointing downward, and likely two together.)

But now I'm off to work! Boo.

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moose said...

I loved EVERYTHING you had to post in this one :D

a) I went to the beach twice in one week as well with my two lady friends
b) My mom and little sister have just started planting veggies in the back yard
c) I want everything you bought at that sale
d) I just found out close to last year that I am also part Crow!

Im jealous that youre so close to it and actually participate in powwows. I just know that Im related to an old chief somehow.

PS: Love your jingle dress