Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Unnecessary Lesson

On the same block as my apartment is a church. This church has a building with classrooms facing the street, and a nice blue exterior. Well, I turned down the street and noticed how bright the leaves on the trees were - yellow! orange! rust! So pretty, with the baby blue exterior peeking through. Oh - and did I mention the deep blue sky? Well, I immediately realized that the lighting offered by the setting sun would dissipate, and I'd have to wait until the next day to bring out my 35mm.
The next day, so excited about how pretty the leaves will be, I make my left turn and see - NOTHING! The trees were IN THE PROCESS of being chopped up! Just like Steve Buscemi's body toward the end of Fargo! Well, just to rub it in my face, the universe decided to let me know that, like my blush, the trees were concealing what really was horribly bland scene.

All in all, I GET IT! Seize the day! Carpe diem! Blah-bidy blah blah....

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