Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time has been going by so quickly lately! The semester is over (thank you!) and I've finally had some free time! That's left me with a few very important things to do: make Christmas gifts, bake up a storm, and spend plenty of time with friends and family.

Since the last day of finals, I've spent my last four days spending time with my best friends and my boyfriend. We got to dress up for his work Christmas party, and go out with our friends!

Today, I spent the morning relaxing because I actually had a weekend off. So, I got a little start on the rest of the list - with two projects (that will be gifts, so I can't go into detail) and chocolate chip cookies!

I'll have to get to the rest of the gifts tomorrow, after I make a trip to the craft store for some materials. I love making these presents! They're made with so much love, one-of-a-kind, and so personal. Really, I've gotten a little envious - I guess I'll have plenty of things to make for myself after the holidays are over!

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